Badge 1 Reflection:

Bagde 1 Reflection:

How can publishing through blogs and wikis assist me now in my academic studies:?


By completing the exercises associated with this badge (Badge 1) I have acquired a vast amount of learning, all of which, can be implemented when completing assessments to aid me with my academic studies. I feel that publishing through blogs and wiki has a substantial amount of significance and relevance in aiding and within assisting me in my academic studies.

By publishing through blogs and wikis, I feel that it assists in academic learning by allowing me to explore the vast amounts of online technology tools, such as WordPress that are widely available today. Joy Smith, Evelyn Mills, & Myers, (2009) found that that ‘the use of these tools for assessment was effective, but that some modifications were required to improve outcomes for both staff and students’.

I also feel that publishing through blogs and wikis can help to assist me immensely in my academic studies by as a wiki is “a collaborative tool that allows students to contribute and modify one or more pages of course related materials (Vanderbilt, 2017). I am of the opinion that wikis and blogs assist and educate me with my academic studies as they allow you to express your knowledge and with Badge one we got you use the tool WordPress, a personal space where we can express our coursework.

David Ryan – 15494888


Reference List:

Joy Smith, E., Evelyn Mills, J., & Myers, B. (2009). Using wikis and blogs for assessment in first‐year engineering. Campus-Wide Information Systems26(5), 424–432.


Vanderbilt. (2017). Center for teaching. Retrieved February 9, 2017, from


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