Blog Post 1: IS30350

Blog Post 1: IS30350

In this week of the module IS30350 (The Digital Self) we discussed, in detail, the topic of selfies. With such detailed talk of selfies, and they different ways and methods in which they are used, one must ask themselves, what is a selfie? The official definition for a selfie is a ‘Self-portrait taken with your cell phone’.



For this weeks assignment for IS30350 for my E-Portfolio I have chosen to discuss ‘the invisible student selfie’. In our everyday student lives, each and everyone of us takes at least a dozen selfies a day, whether it be for Instagram or Facebook or for snapchat or tinder, but for what purpose do we take these selfies? What meaning do they have? And who are they meant for?

In the Picture that I have posted with my E-Portfolio for this week, a coffee cup is notably present, a typical example of the invisible student selfie and the ways of college life itself, thousands of selfies are taken every single day across universities worldwide of students tea and coffee representing and mentioning their presence within their college life.

Selfies are and can be used to express a deeper meaning rather than just a photograph of an event or a place, as discussed in class, we must focus on the gaze, who is looking at the selfie? And who is it intended for? We also must focus on our agency within a selfie, the degree of control that we have over portraying who and what we are.

Overall is it evident that in today’s society, selfie have and are used for multiple different reasons and have meanings that are sometimes only know to the selfie taker themselves.

David Ryan – 15494888


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