The Greater Good?

The Ethical Self:


I am in agreeance that online communication, because it offers anonymity, encourages greater openness and honesty. Unfortunately this is not always the case and I am strongly of the opinion that the vast new possibilities of online communications have led to greater harm than good. Today’s online world can be extremely cruel and shallow minded, meaning that the material ourselves and others post, is at one’s own risk and is susceptible to criticism.


In ways it is evident that online communication due to its openness and honesty, have lead to greater good. In worldwide disasters and in the cases of terrorist attacks or earthquakes, Facebook has a unique feature added to its platforms that allows users to simply ‘Check In’. “Safety check allows people in the area of any tragedy, to mark themselves okay and give their loved ones some peace of mind” (, 2017) This is a superb situation in which online communication has been used to benefit its online users.

20171010_231624 Facebbol.png


On the contrary, the possibilities of online communication can be seen to have lead to greater harm than good when we are introduced to flaming, trolling or cyberbullying, have a huge negative impact on the lives of many users that fall victim to these cruel attacks. There are millions of online bullies that hide behind the depths of their computer screen or mobile phone, viciously attacking others to make them feel weak and vulnerable, making themselves seem bigger and getting a thrill from this.
As a result of this reckless and needless behaviour, the occurrence of suicides and psychological  damage is extremely prominent and widespread within our online world in today’s society. Cyber-bullying is taking its toll on our younger generation, cyber-bullying and sexting are rapidly coming to the public’s attention, leading to great harm “At the end of last month 15-year-old Ciara Pugsley, from Leitrim, lost her life after being bullied by teens online.” (, 2017) people should fall victims of cyber-bullying due to other users being shallow and cruel and this is a prime example of where online communications lead to greater harm.

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